All of the workshops we do here at The Story Funnel.

Introducing the Story Funnel Workshop

Many brands struggle to figure out how to tell their story. Part of the struggle is there is how to make yourself heard in a world that is noisy with information and distractions.

This introduction will give you the basics of the Story Funnel Framework and how it will allow you to nail your next launch without wasting investors money and annoying customers.

Brand Story Guide Workshop

Are you tired of countless content reviews that never go anywhere? How about the disconnects between Dev, Creative, Copywriting, Marketing, and Management? This gets partially tiresome when you’re about to launch since time and money are precious and the stakes are high if a launch fails.

This is the first step to getting your story straight. This workshop will build a Brand Story Guide for your brand by answering the marketing 6 core questions.

Coming Soon: Build a Story Funnel Workshop

The 2nd step in the Story Funnel methodology is to build your Story Funnel. This workshop will take you and your team through the whole process of setting up a Story Funnel.

Coming Soon: Setting Up Meaningful Guardrails Workshop

The last part of the Story Funnel methodology is to define meaningful guardrails for your brand. These guardrails will be how you judge how well prospects, customers, and advocates are moving through your brand's story.

Coming Soon: Story Funnel Intensive Workshop

This workshop combines the Brand Story Guide, Brand Story Funnel, and Meaningful Guardrails into a comprehensive process that we take you and your team through step by step.

Coming Soon: Story Funnel Refresher Workshop

This workshop will allow you and your team to focus on one particular aspect of your setup with us so we can optimize it.

Coming Soon: Advanced Story Funnel Workshop

Once your Story Funnel has been up and running for a while, it's time to optimize it for continued success. We do this by looking at all your metrics and taking the Story Funnel to the next level which is a flywheel. This flywheel will allow you to to launch after launch successfully.