Introducing The Story Funnel Workshop

Introducing The Story Funnel Workshop

According to CBInsights [1], some of the reasons startups fail are: no market need (42%), ran out of cash (29%), and not the right team (23%).

If you dig a little deeper into the list (there are 20 reasons), you’ll find a couple like this: User-unfriendly product (17%), Product without a business model (17%), Poor Marketing (14%), and Ignoring Customers (14%).

These reasons are why we created the Story Funnel.

Get Your Story Straight Before Launch

Are you frustrated with wasting time and money on unsuccessful launches? Are you struggling to figure out how to tell your brand’s story for maximum impact? Do you routinely get questions like:

  • How come we’re not going viral?
  • How come our ads are not converting?
  • Why is our return rate so high?
  • Our LTV is horrible. Why is that?
  • How come customers are canceling?
  • How much should we spend on digital ads?
  • Why do we have to spend so much on creativity?

We hear you. We had the same problems and realized that we had to do something. That something was the Story Funnel.

Introducing The Story Funnel Framework

The Story Funnel framework takes its roots from something all of us have in our DNA.

We all love a good story.

It’s through storytelling that our ancestors survived and thrived. In fact, the reason you’re reading this right now is that your ancestors told the best stories to survive. The power of storytelling is undeniable yet for most companies, it’s an enigma. Not anymore.

With the Story Funnel Framework, you’ll be able to hook prospects, build lasting customers, and payoff advocates both for you and them.

You’ll Learn How To

In this introductory workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why we’re geared to love stories
  • Identify the different core values for a brand
  • The parts of every single story on earth
  • Heuristics to gauge your performance

Target Audience

This introductory workshop is for all PR, Marketing, Communications, Copywriting professionals that want a better way to understand the stories that they tell. If you’re in charge of launching products or on a product launch team, then this introduction is for you.



Workshop Schedule (1.5 hours)

  • The Fundamental Fact About All of Us
  • The Power of a Well Told Story
  • The Marketer 6 Core Questions
  • Stages of the Story Funnel
  • Hooking Prospects
  • Building Customers
  • Paying Off Advocates
  • The Importance of Guardrails
  • The Power Within All of Us

Meet Your Lead Instructor

Jarie Bolander is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. He has over 25 years of experience bringing innovative products to market. Some of them include Bluetooth, USB, RFID, Semiconductor DNA sequencing, Smart Water Monitoring, and SaaS for Healthcare.

Over the past five years, he has been a reluctant PR Maven at JSY PR & Marketing — a full-service PR, Marketing, and Communications firm that specializes in IoT/Smart Home/Consumer Medical Device Companies. He is also the ED of JSY Giving, a nonprofit dedicated to his late wife Jane whose mission is to help organizations tell better stories.

Jarie has formed or been part of 6 startups in various management roles. He holds an MBA in Technology Management and a BS in Electrical Engineering. He is also the inventor or co-inventor on over 10 patents and has published six books — 8 Startup Dilemmas All Founders Will Face, 7 PR Secrets All Founders Should Know, The Entrepreneur Ethos,  Frustration Free Technical Management, #ENDURANCE tweet — A Little Nudge to Keep You Going and Business Basics for Entrepreneurs.

He is also the co-creator of The Story Funnel, which is how to nail your Launch by getting your story straight.

Cost: Free

Want to Do One For Your Team?

Want to set up a FREE introductory workshop for your team. The minimum for us to set up a custom workshop is 8. Email jarie at thedailymba dot com if you'd like to set that up.