The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast Market Fit Survey

The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast Market Fit Survey

Date: 28th, April 2021

Responses: 19/117


A Podcast Market Fit Survey was sent out to 117 people. Most of these people have been on the podcast as a guest. 19 respondents completed the survey for a ~16% response rate, which is above the 10% threshold required for analysis.

26.3% of respondents would be Very Disappointed if they could not listen to the podcast, which is below the 40% required for Podcast Market Fit. This result shows that the podcast has not achieved audience fit and some of the recommendations below should be implemented to improve Podcast Market Fit.

It is worth noting that 8.6 out of 10 respondents would recommend the podcast to a friend along with 63.2% would be Somewhat Disappointed if it went away, which implies that there are fans that like the show but we still need to refine the offering. The biggest such refinement would be to include actionable insights that listeners can use to get better.

Current Listener Base

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Business Owners

Potential New Listeners

  • Aspiring and beginning entrepreneurs
  • Startup Founders

Message to Promote

  • Learning from others
  • Learning from experience
  • Differing perspectives across industries
  • Hearing the stories of other founders
  • Increase my knowledge and understanding

Improvements to Consider

  • High-Quality Guests
  • Hard Questions
  • Actionable Insights
  • More Informative titles
  • Ask More Questions

Recommend to a Friend

Loonshot Ideas

  • Build a Community
  • Ask for questions ahead of time
  • Announce guests ahead of time

Main Benefit Response Summary

People looking to pursue entrepreneurship, or that are interested in the various stories and personalities that entrepreneurs have. People who want to learn about cool entrepreneurs doing interesting things that bring their values to business. A similar crowd that listens to "How I Built This" on NPR—people wanting to learn the nuts and bolts of starting a business and then how to build on those nuts and bolts.

Improvement Response Summary

Create a community (slack/website/LinkedIn) where people can share/discuss/process content on EEP (Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast) I just haven’t had time to listen to podcasts lately, but have been reading a ton. By giving a heads up on the guests and having an easier way to ask questions before the podcast. High-quality guests and ask hard questions. Ask guests more questioned.