Sutro Connect Product Market Fit Survey

Sutro Connect Product Market Fit Survey

Date: 3/29/2021

Responses: 155


Sutro Connects Product Market Fit Survey had a score of 38%, which is shy of the 40% to be considered a product with a fit in the market. The total responses were 155, which meets the threshold of > 15 for meaningful analysis. It is unclear how many customers the survey was sent to.

Analysis of the results indicates that the customer mix is DIY Pool Owners and Pool Professionals with Spa Owners and Pool Professionals for potential new customers or expansion of the customer base. The message that of Peace of Mind, Ease, and Dependable are messages to consider for more promotion. This is countered by the areas of improvement for reliability, customer service, battery/cartridge problems, and reading history.

An average of 7 out of 10 would recommend Sutro to a friend with 56.6% already having done so. This is encouraging but probably hindered by the issues with the produce.

Current Customer Base

The current customer base is defined as those that would be Very Disappointed if Sutro was no longer available. A total of 59 customers would be Very Disappointed and those customers would be:

  • DIY Pool Owners
  • Home Owners
  • Pool Professionals
  • Average Pool Owner
  • Pool Service Technicians
  • Pool Service Companies

Potential New or Expansion Customers

Potential New Customers are defined as the respondents that replied Somewhat Disappointed if Sutro went away. The reason being that they have not yet found what they are looking for. There can be some overlap with the current customer base. A total of 68 customers responded this way.

  • Spa Owners
  • Busy people
  • Knowledge Pool Owner
  • Pool Professionals
  • Pool Service Professionals

Message to Promote

The messages to promote are those that current customers (Very Disappointed) found useful. These messages also can include features.

  • Peace of mind
  • Easy chemical monitoring
  • Available products barcodes
  • Constant pool monitoring
  • Dependable pool guy

Improvements to Consider

The improvements to consider are what your current customers and potential customers have to say. Those improvements include:

  • Readings
  • App
  • Cartridge
  • Customer service
  • Battery
  • Services Mode
  • Alkalinity
  • Historical Readings
  • Open API

Although some of these might be vague (like Customer Service), a follow-up analysis on those respondents who mentioned customer service would be beneficial. That is beyond the scope of this analysis right now.

Recommend to a Friend

Above 8 is desired especially if the PMF metric is > 40%. For Sutro, it’s at 7 and the recommended Sutro to anyone is at 56%, so good but not great.

Loonshot Ideas

This section is all about crazy ideas to get you thinking about how to think differently about your product.

  • Last measurement
  • Manual reagent test
  • Set of cartridge
  • Placement of float
  • Salt level measurement

None of these may resonate with you or your team but it’s worth diving into some of the details of one or two.