Sutro Connect Brand Story Guide

Sutro Connect Brand Story Guide


The Brand Story Guide (BSG) is how we keep our story straight as you talk about Sutro and the Smart Water Ecosystem. It’s similar to a Brand Style Guide in that anyone should be able to write content once they know the top-level story as well as the Brand’s Story Arch, which must change but also stay the same (at a high level).

#1 What’s Your Core Value?

Primary - Performance: Value Shift from Self-Shamed to Honored

Secondary - Status: Value shift from Insignificant to Prestige

Positive Words/Phrases

Flawed, Competent, Productive, and Honored, Win, Success, Respect, and Prestige, Correct, perfect, on-point, pride, proper dosing, convenient, saves money, safe, save time, happy family, happy wife, happy kids, beautiful, gorgeous

Negative Words/Phrases

Self-Shame, Shame, Mediocre, Incompetent, Unskilled, Insignificance, Disrespect, Failure, Defeat, Average, stupid, unknowledgeable, lazy, useless, worthless, moron, waste of time, idiot, imbecile, envy

Master brands -- Best in Class Brands to copy/learn from

Nike, Tesla, Dyson, Nest, iPhone/Apple, Bose, Breville, North Face

Competitive Brands -- Those that you compete directly with

pHin, Blue Connect

#2 What’s the Big Idea?

Big Idea

Sutro exists to make it simple, safe, and seamless to measure, monitor, and treat pool (and spa) water so that people can take pride in perfect water.

#3 What's Your Thru-line?

Hooking Prospects

When Prospects first see Sutro, we want them to feel that they can obtain perfect pool water that will give them a sense of pride. We want them to admire the design of the product and feel that we have their back if anything goes wrong.

Building Customers

When Customers buy a Sutro Smart Monitor, we want them to open the box and admire the beautiful design, download the app, and place it in their pool all within 30 minutes. We want them to get alerts and encouragement that they are doing all the steps correctly.

Paying Off Advocates

When Advocates talk about Sutro, we want them to say that it is so easy to use and helps them save time and money when taking care of their pool. We want them to rave about our customer service and that our data is the most accurate on the market.

#4 What are Your Customers Wants/Needs?


To have a pool (or spa) that his friends and family can enjoy with minimal hassle and effort on your part.


To feel pride and a sense of prestige among your friend and family that I have what it takes to make my pool crystal clear and ready for a swim anytime.

#5 What is Your Structure and who do you Serve?


Physical Product + A monthly subscription for cartridges and monitoring

Who You Serve -- those that use the product

Pool (or Spa) Owners who DIY or have a pool professional take care of their pool. These are people who want to know what’s going on with their water.

Stakeholders -- those that are around those that use the product

Pool Professionals, Retail stores, pool builders, and chemical manufacturers

#6 What Are the Conventions & Requirements for Your Brand?

  • Flexible payment options
  • Easy on-line ordering
  • Smart Phone App
  • 30-day No risk trial
  • Service-level options (like Basic, Premium, etc.)
  • Extended Warranty

Requirements -- Must be present

  • Money-Back guarantee
  • 3rd Party validation from customers and reviewers
  • Web Site to check the status
  • Customer Service via email + chat
  • 1-year warranty on hardware.