Respona Product Market Fit Survey

Respona Product Market Fit Survey

Date: 23rd, April 2021

Responses: 30/160 


A Respona catered Product Market Fit survey was sent out to a sample of 160 current beta customers that had done at least one campaign. Out of that pool, 30 completed the survey for an ~19% response rate, which is well above the required 10% response rate to get useful information.

Based on the results, 67% of respondents would be Very Disappointed if they could no longer use Respona, which says that Respona has achieved Product-Market Fit for the customers surveyed (>40% is required).

Also, 43% of respondents have recommended Respona to a friend or colleague along with an 8.6 out of 10 that would recommend. This is a strong indication that those customers surveyed find the product valuable enough to promote it. This is another strong indication of Product-Market Fit and means that Respona can confidently ramp up their Go To Market efforts towards their launch in September.

Additional details are presented below to understand how to target customers and improve the product offering. One action to take right away is to filter out respondents that were Very Disappointed and Recommended Respona to a friend. Those are Respona’s potential advocates that will help drive growth.

Current Customer Base

  • Founder/CEO
  • Head of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing/SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Specialist

Current Company Types (Respona Specific Question)

  • Blogger/Publisher
  • SaaS
  • eCommerce
  • Agency

Potential New Customers (Can Overlap with Above)

  • CEO
  • Outreach Specialist
  • Marketing Agency Owners
  • PR
  • Market Research Companies
  • Startups with funding

Message to Promote

  • Friendly Interface
  • Contact Automation Features
  • Automated Follow-ups
  • Incredible Time Savings
  • Customization of outreach
  • Opportunity Finding Automation
  • Single interface for contact finding and outreach

Improvements to Consider

  • Exporting of Opportunities
  • Page Freezing when working on a campaign
  • Email Delivery Failures
  • Campaign Rescheduling to update personalization.
  • Advanced Search Step by Step Guide
  • Insights to what works and what does not
  • Clarify the Articles Opportunities feature
  • Contact Classification (e.g. who responds, opened, etc.)
  • Overall product stability and bug fixes

Recommend to a Friend

8.6 out of 10 would recommend Respona to a friend with 43% of respondents having already done so. That’s a stellar result for this early stage of a product.

Loonshot Ideas

  • Rollover credits month to month and increases credits
  • Company + Industry-specific playbooks like startup raising money or product launch or brand building.
  • Respona certified training for agencies + consultants (like HubSpot does)
  • Crunchbase and ahrefs integration
  • Respona Outreach Community so that community members can help each other with link sharing, etc.

Main Benefit Response Summary (Actual Text from Responders)

The automation to find opportunities, customize the outreach, and follow up. I think for us, the main benefit is the contact automation feature which saves a lot of steps when trying to find contact info to reach out.

Knowing that I can contact a lot of people quickly - getting access to people’s emails, how easy it is to create sequences and build emails, the different send strategies, plus the database manager is handy optimizing times of sending lots of emails + getting results via automated follow-ups.

It saves me time when contacting my database, also the platform is in charge of doing the follow-up in an effective way The main benefit of Respona for us is that we can carry out high-quality marketing partnership outreach programs in high volume.

Seriously though, I like the layout, the way personalization works, and how it's easy to go back and forth between emails. I'd say the main benefits are that I can insert variables and customize emails easily, and *potentially* use Respona to find contacts.

Improvement Response Summary (Actual Text from Responders)

Specifically, I think the Respona system is too rigid when you have personalized, and queued it up for pitching or created the campaign. Templated replies, ability to assign a status to a contact from within Respona’s inbox, improve the prospecting automation algo (it’s good but not great), allow exporting of opportunities and contacts (I often prefer to use Excel for filtering things out), improve sequence template creation/saving, improve automation speed. - people I reached out to more than 3 months ago (that I could email again to suggest a new collaboration.

It would also be great to be able to import contacts that we worked with in the past without going through the search automation.

Add some more features like automating finding broken links (could integrate with Ahrefs, show, and filtering of blacklisted domains while uploading CSV. I'm an unusual case but I'd like the ability to reach more media than 100 in a month. I still use other lists such as referring domains for competitors or Crunchbase lists and other paid lists to find suitable websites and then pull those CSVs into Respona to search for contacts and build a campaign. So maybe if there was some sort of database built-in although I'm not sure if that's possible and pretty content already with Respona's features.

It would also be handy for one user to be able to use multiple email addresses depending on the campaign as it can be annoying sending from your email account. We have that information in a separate document, but we only use it with the campaigns that we launch in Respona.

Just need to iron out some bugs and maybe adding new features down the line from users' feedback. The issues I've had with Respona so far have been that sometimes when I'm working on a campaign for a long time and switch to another tab, my Respona page freezes along with the email window.